Summary Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions prior to signing the application form

1. The office is open Monday to Friday 9am – 2pm, excluding Public Holidays

2. All requests for travel must be booked by telephoning 07799 522097.

3. Please do not book travel direct with our drivers.

4. Any concerns should be taken up with the office and not the driver.  Travel can only be altered with the prior approval of the office and not with the driver.

5. Booking should be made IN ADVANCE prior to the day you wish travel and is subject to driver and vehicle availability.

6. Charges and payment: Fares are paid in cash to the driver on each trip.

7. Cancellation: All cancellations must be made to the office by 14:00 the day before you are due to travel. If you do not inform the office of a cancellation, then a fee of £3.50 will be applied.

8. The scheme is unable to provide Passenger Assistants to assist with travel. Passengers must be capable of transferring to their seat on the bus, drivers will be able to provide a steadying hand but will not lift passengers. You can supply your own escort to assist you and they can travel

9. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buses.

10. ABILITY Northants cic reserves the right to cancel any travel in the event of unforeseen events or unavoidable circumstances.

11. ABILITY Northants cic is not responsible for any personal possessions left unattended in a minibus/car. ABILITY Northants cic is not liable for any consequential loss, financial or otherwise, incurred by passengers, following the loss, theft, breakdown or non-availability of a vehicle, or the failure by ABILITY Northants cic to provide a vehicle.

12. ABILITY Northants cic operates a Diversity & Equal Opportunities Policy.