New Bus Service for BRACKLEY

Watch out for news of the bus service which will link up with the new development in BRACKLEY to the new medical centre and hospital as well as the new Sainsbury and Argos store.

Planned to be ready for Christmas

ABILITY Bus Services – Connecting People with Places

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  1. Stewart Manley

    Will the service cover other residential areas in Brackley as well as the new development?

    1. Nigel Hinch

      Yes it will cover all of Brackley please call us on 01327 604123 or email us at and we will explain the details. We are aware that significant parts of Brackley are not covered by a bus service route so as a not for profit organisation we want to help


  2. Susan Pugh

    When are we actually able to register please. I notice it’s not possible at the moment.

    1. Nigel Hinch

      Hi, Thanks for your comment, we have been updating our website and the new registration form is now live and we have got your registration Welcome to ABILITY

  3. Peter Blowers

    My wife has an electric wheelchair so are your buses accessable for her?

    1. ABILITY

      We operate a wheelchair accessible vehicle as well, as the minibuses don’t have the facility to carry passengers in their chairs. If you wife is able to transfer to seat we may be able to help depending on her mobility email us your details at

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