Community Transport for South Northants villages

Why Community Transport is needed?

Keeping people independent by

  • Access to essential services (Food & Shopping)
  • Access to Groups and Outings
  • Access to health care (Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy services)
  • Access to employment, education and training

Providing better services cost effectively through

  • Making better use of what we have
  • Using Innovation and Technology to simplify how we operate
  • Improving asset utilisation by optimising capability
  • Blend of highly skilled, trained and valued employees and volunteers

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  1. I have just read the brief you’ve sent to parish councils. Great minds think alike! My council was embarking on the same sort of project, but having a central project is much better, as there are only a few people per parish who use the bus at present. I am a potential bus user – please keep me informed. Fantastic you are doing this!

    1. Many thanks for your support. Just had a chat with Abthorpe chair and they are too very interested.
      Let’s hope we can get the funding sorted to allow us to commence the service. Before social isolation has an impact.
      Our first priority is to deliver a once a week shopper bus to allow residents to get the essentials needs of food and banking. Once the scheme grows we aim to run days out, lunch clubs etc. Please spread the word and Wappenham is on the list!

    2. Jane
      We have secured some funding from SNC and with the announcement today that more bus services are going we need to commence the roll out in Jan 2019

      If you are able to assist we would be grateful

  2. Great! How long do you think it will take? Have you applied for grants yet? I don’t know when this set up, was it recently?

    1. Hi Jane, Thanks for your enquiry, we are in set up phase at the moment, so trying to establish the need and desperately trying to raise funds, so if Parishes would like to contribute we might be in a position to ‘go live’ sooner. thanks Lynn

      1. Good – have you tried the Northamptonshire Community Foundation? I’ve got grants from them in the past. Or the councillors’ grant if that is still going – every parish could ask for a councillors grant for that purpose?

        1. Hi Jane
          Apparently NCF don’t have any money until October at the earliest. The County Councillors empowerment funds have gone. We are really struggling to get the funding together at the moment unless we start a massive public giving campaign. Are you interested in assisting us as a volunteer?

          1. Dear ‘Ability Northants’,

            Yes I would like to assist – definitely in my interest! I can’t come to meetings – variable health – but I could help re finding grants. Let me know who you have tried and what you need money for, how much, etc.
            Regards, Jane

  3. Please notify me of new posts

    1. Hi Kevin
      I think it would be useful to meet up and let us brief you on the project. We can then go thorough the plan as this website is just a holding page at the moment whilst we await for a grant to get it updated


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